Hays County ESD No.5

Fire Inspections

The Hays County ESD#5 / Kyle Fire Department Code Enforcement Office is located at Kyle Fire Department’s Station #1. (210 West Moore Street) The Code Enforcement Office can be reached at (512) 268-3131.  The Code Enforcement Division is under the direction of Fire Marshal Mark Schultz.

General Information

  • All plan submittals within the city limits of Kyle must be submitted to the Building Department with the City of Kyle.  The City of Kyle is under the IFC 2021 version with these amendments.
  • All plan submittals must be accompanied by a Fire Protection Plan Review Application.
  • All calculations must be signed by a licensed contractor.
  • All plans submitted must be stamped and signed by a Texas State Licensed Fire Protection Contractor.
  • All inspections require a set of approved plans on the job site. The Fire Inspector must sign all permits after each inspection.
  • Plans approved by Hays County ESD #5 / Kyle Fire Department give authorization for construction.
  • Final approvals are subject to field verification.
  • Any approval issued by the Fire Code Enforcement Office does not release the contractor or property owner from the responsibility of full compliance with applicable codes and ordinances relating to the construction project.
  • All installations must comply with the approved plans. Any deviation from approved plans requires a re-submittal to the Fire Code Enforcement Office.


All files are for areas covered by ESD#5 outside of the Kyle city limits.